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ISSC is an annual conference organised by students of Medical University of Gdansk for the international academic community.

Our aim is to create an opportunity for young scientists to share their  passion for research, new findings and presenting to an international audience as well as a jury panel made of renowned professionals.

During the conference, students can participate actively or passively to take advantage of forward-thinking keynote speakers, network with influential attendees, workshops and much more.

Every year the quality of the meeting is guaranteed by our patrons, including the President of Gdansk , Gdynia and Sopot and the Pomorskie Marshal.

Register today and join us for a unique and inspiring experience.

Conference Location


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

This is our Organisational Committee team. Equipped with motivation, commitment and passion for science, we will gladly help you. 

Our aim is to provide you with the best conference experience possible.

Nice to meet you!

Chair of conference

Shraddha Singh

the head of the organizing committee


Head of Promotions & Outreach Unit

Gursimran Gaba 

The Public Relations and Outreach Department is responsible for running social media, partnerships, event broadcasting and communication between the organizers and the participants.


Head of Scientific Sessions Team

Eka Grandhe 

The Scientific Programme and Sessions Department is responsible for abstract selection, organization of the scientific session and selection of jury. It is also in charge of organizing the participant's presentations and moderating sessions.


Vice chair of ISSC

Maria Renke

Coming soon...


Secretary of Organising Committee

Dominika Komandera

Coming soon...


Head of Logistics & IT Departments

Karim Sayed Ahmed

The Logistics Department is responsible for logistic coordination and organization of the event, such as: venues booking, communicating and being in contact with experts/special guests/professors, being in charge of events’ material organization, booking halls and website maintenance.


Head of Finance & Fundraising Team

Paweł Korolkiewicz 

The Finance and Fundraising Department is in charge of all financial aspects related to the organization of the conference.


Head of Lectures & Keynote Speakers Team

Janina Kowalik

The Workshops Department is in charge of organizing workshops and taking care of their technical facilities. The department is in contact with workshop leaders.


Head of Workshop Departament

Andrii Bilyk

Coming soon...

More Importantly...

The people who allowed us to take this project from a paper to reality

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