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Our Valentines Gift - Deadline Extension !!!

15 lut 2023

International Student Scientific Conference Offers Valentine's Day Gift - Extension to Submission Deadline

In a heartwarming gesture, the organizers of the International Student Scientific Conference (ISSC) have announced an extension of the submission deadline as a Valentine's Day gift to students. The ISSC organizing committee recognized the challenges that students have faced and the added pressure of meeting deadlines, making it challenging for them to participate fully in this prestigious conference.

The ISSC committee hopes that this extension will give students more time to finalize their projects and present their research findings with the utmost quality. The new deadline is now set for Feb. 20th, 2023, which gives students some more time to submit their abstracts and papers.

With this extension, students will have a greater chance to demonstrate their hard work and dedication, and perhaps even win recognition for their research achievements. The ISSC committee wishes all the participants the best of luck and encourages them to make the most of this opportunity to share their insights with the scientific community.

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