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Polish Allergology Society Competition

10 lut 2023

We are glad to announce the PTA competition for our participants, Read more about it and know the rules!

Our Partnership with PTA (Polish Allergology Society) was a very successful one, that comes with great benefits not only to us, the organising committee, but also to our participants.

Together, we offer participants a chance to participate in the Allergology competition sponsored by PTA. Which had - and still has - a great impact on our young scientists, offering them a chance to shine and showcase their work from our stages, to the world.

For participation, you need to present your original work related to the topic of allergology, as well as checking the box that you wish to participate in the competition (found in the submission form, it only shows up once you have selected "Internal medicine" as your session).

>>> For people who submitted their Allergology related abstracts before 10th of Feb - 2023, you will receive a message through the website chaat system with a form to be filled regarding your interest to participate in the compitition.<<<

Below, you will find the rules and regulations of the compition as provided to us by PTA. Please note that the english version is our attempt to translate the regulations for your ease; However, we have also attached the original document - in polish.


§ 1. General provisions

1. The organizer of the Competition for a scientific work on allergy is the Polish Society of Allergology.

2. The aim of the competition is to award students/doctoral students - authors of scientific papers on allergy, submitted as oral or poster reports to the Congress/Conference organized by STN.

§ 2. Rules of participation in the Competition

1. Only works prepared in accordance with the regulations for submitting original works for the Congress/Conference organized by STN may be submitted to the competition.

2. The competition is intended for students/doctoral students.

3. In order for the work to be submitted for participation in the Competition, the applicant must: in the STN Congress/Conference abstract submission form, check the box for submitting the work to the Competition.

4. The Organizer of the Congress/Conference publishes information about the PTA Competition in the congress materials of the Congress/STN Conference (website, leaflets, newsletters, etc.).

§ 3. Rules for evaluating works

1. Each work is assessed by the PTA Grants Committee appointed by the PTA Main Board for each subsequent term of office.

2. The assessment is made according to the following criteria:

- compliance with the topic of allergology

- scientific value of the work

- effort on the part of the author In each of the above-mentioned categories of work evaluation, each reviewer can award from 1 to 10 points. The maximum total number of points that can be earned is 30 points. The final number of points is the average of the ratings given by the reviewers.

The work with the highest number of points wins the competition. In the event that two or more works receive the same maximum number of points, the vote of the Chairman of the Grants Committee is decisive.

3. The Commission's decisions regarding the evaluation of the work are final and are not subject to appeal.

§ 4. Prizes and announcement of results

1. Prizes will be awarded by the PTA President.

2. The condition for awarding the prize is the presentation of the work during STN Congress/Conference and sending a readable electronic version of the presentation (e.g. a set of slides or their outline) or a poster to the e-mail address of the Polish Society of Allergology within the indicated period.

3. Prizes are awarded to the author of the work who is the person presenting the results of the work during the STN Congress/Conference.

4. Financial prizes will be awarded in the following amount:

- for the 1st place: PLN 1,500

- for the 2nd place: PLN 1,000

- for the 3rd place: PLN 500

5. Financial prizes will be awarded from the budget of the Polish Society of Allergology.

6. The announcement of the results of the competition and the awarding of the diploma will take place during the Conference or Congress of the Polish Society of Allergology.

§ 5. Information on the processing of personal data

1. For the needs of the Competition, a set of personal data of participants will be created.

2. Participants' personal data will be processed only for the purpose and to the extent necessary to conduct the Competition.

Regulamin Konkursu PTA na najlepszą pracę o tematyce alergologicznej
Download PDF • 209KB

Thank you for your time reading this, and we wish all our participants the best!

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