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Participation and Fees

How can I participate in the ISSC?

  • All Participants have to register for the ISSC. Registration is required to attend any of the conference activities. 

  • All Active Participants have to pay a registration fee. 

  • Additional payment is required from Passive Participants wishing to take part in the workshops

Is the conference fee obligatory?

  • The fee is obligatory for every Active Participant and Passive Participants wishing to take part in the workshops programme.

Do I have to present at the conference to attend? 

  • For people who do not want to actively participate and present research at the conference an option of being passive participants has been availed. Passive participants can act as audience members in any of the scientific sessions of their choice and attend the lectures and workshops as well. 

What are participants allowed to do?

  • Active and passive participants lists can be found in "Subscribe" menu found in your profile after you create an account. However all participants will:

    • Attend the Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony

    • Receive a certificate of participation

    • Join the social program and leisure events prepared for participants

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